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It’s simple! Plan your project in advance

(Yes, that’s the pearl of wisdom in this article. But, read on for the “how”.)

Project planning must be preceded by a thorough understanding of your English Japanese translation requirements — How can you plan if you don’t know what to plan for? You don’t need a “grand plan” so to speak. Even the most rudimentary plan will result in seamless project execution that reduces turnaround.

It all really boils down to this:

When you know exactly what you want and plan accordingly, the translation folks can get on and do their job.

Additional benefits of project planning will answer the following questions that definitely reduce, if not slash, turnaround time:

  • Does it absolutely need to be translated into Japanese or English? (Reducing text requiring translation speeds up turn-around.)
  • A picture really is worth a thousand words! (i.e. use images where possible, which, obviously, don’t require translation.)
  • Finalize your content BEFORE engaging the services of a Japanese translation company

That last bullet point is definitely worth emphasizing.

Many times clients submit draft material for translation thinking they’ll “hit the ground running.” Trust me when I say this is the WORST DECISION YOU CAN MAKE. The reason being is each revision of that draft requires re-translation not only of that single word or phrase revised, but often times re-translation of entire paragraphs and even pages…I’m sure you can see what those endless revisions of drafts will do to your schedual. (Did I mention your budget will also be blown out of the water?)

Real World Example

Despite advising a client not to submit draft materials (and securing a promise that all materials were finalized), this world famous marketing agency did just that, submitted a draft! Well, a 14 day project turn-around ballooned into a 6 month long nightmare with endless revisions. The additional cost was in the thousands of dollars (not funny money either – good ‘ole greenbacks!).

Can’t be said enough…PLAN for a fast translation turnaround before you contact a professional Japanese translation company in Japan, Tokyo



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